CliniRex - Clinical Documentation and Drug Information

What makes CliniRex better


Safe & Secure

CliniRex uses advance 256 bit encryption to save and store clinical data securely on cloud. Clinical records are safe and accessible to assigned institutions only.


Easy & Accessible

Activities documented in CliniRex can be easily accessible at any point of time on any device, all that is needed is a basic internet connectivity.


Relevant & Reliable

CliniRex provides evidence based Clinical information which is relevant to the activities documented and with reliable references.


Swift & Smart

CliniRex uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in providing quick point of care suggestions.


Student Benefits

Access to
  • right-listDocumentation forms

  • right-list Research Articles

  • right-list Logbook

  • right-list Clinical Information

Key Features
  • right-list Indian Brand Names

  • right-list Research Analysis

  • right-list Activity Reports

Institutional Benefits

Access to
  • right-list Activity Reports

  • right-list Rotational Management

  • right-list Student Monitoring


Communication Between Institution and Students Made Easy


Student document activities digitally

Students document their clinical care activities online and send to the faculty for Approval.


Faculty verifies and approves activity

Faculty can assess the sent forms and can approve, reject or send back for corrections.


Institution can evaluate the performance.

Performance evaluation is summarized into a graphical report and updated.

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